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~ iroha Profile ~
The group of the following three women:erhu player Kiko Izumi, pianist Mina Arai and Shakuhachi player Senshin Hirayama.
This group was organized in June, 2010.Our first album ‘irohairo’ was released in February, 2011.
The cover CD of ‘The Hymn of Daigozakura’, in which a natural treasure designed by Maniwa city in Okayama Prefecture ‘Daigozakura’ is appreciated, was released. We held a concert in front of Daigozakura. Various media such as newspapers and TV programs took notice of iroha and gave the group a lot of admiration.
We currently have a wide range of performance activities not only at live houses but on the stages of shrines, temples and castles, especially in the Kansai area.

 iroha メンバー紹介

泉貴子(いずみ きこ)二胡

2003年 二胡の楽器の形に魅せられて二胡をはじめる。
2006年 ピアニストの奥本亮と' Kiko & Ryo'を結成。初のCDアルバム「Dance Of The Raindrops」制作。
2008年 故郷五島を拠点に九州ツアーをする。
2009年8月 ピアニスト釋恵一プロデュースでオリジナル子守唄のCD「音舞 -nemu-」を作り、五島で発表。
2010年5月 オリジナル子守唄のCD第二弾「ゆらぎ」を作り、五島で発表。
2012年7月 懐かしの楽曲のカバーを中心としたソロアルバム『木目心~SOU~』をリリース。

Kiko Izumi,erhu player
2003: fascinated by the shape of the erhu, she started playing the erhu.
2006: with pianist Ryo Okumoto, she organized the group ‘Kiko & Ryo', and made their first album ‘Dance Of The Raindrops’.
2008: set the Goto islands as their base, they went on a tour of Kyusyu.
August, 2009: produced by Syaku Keiichi, they made their original lullaby ‘Nemu’ and announced it on the Goto islands. It was released on September 9th.
May 2010: produced by Syaku Keiichi, they made their second original lullaby ‘Yuragi’ and announced it on the Goto islands.
July 2012: released her solo album’sou’ where the songs were mainly covers of older songs.

新井美奈(あらい みな)ピアノ

関西学院大学 在学中、チャペルオルガニストとして礼拝、式典でパイプオルガン奏楽の奉仕を行う。
2007年「日本ピアノ研究会 関西ピアノオーディション」最優秀賞受賞。

Mina Arai, Pianist
She started playing the classical piano at the age of 4. Since then she participated in many concerts at various venues.
When she was 17 years old, she won the most-valuable player award at the ‘YAMAHA PTC Contest’ as well as a great award at the ‘Chugoku Youth Music Contest’.
She entered the Kwansei Gakuin University, and worshiped as a chapel organist and played the pipe organ as a voluntary.
She won the top prize in the ‘NIHON Piano Association, Kansai Piano Audition’ in 2007.
She won the grand prize in the ‘Mikigakki DUET’ in 2008.
She currently performs in live shows and studio recordings as a pianist to support various musicians.

平山泉心(ひらやま せんしん)尺八

2013年,2015年 上田流尺八全国技芸審査会一位

Senshin Hirayama, Shakuhachi player
She started playing the Shakuhachi as a member of the Japanese music club at her university.
During that time, she learned Muraji-school Shakuhachi under Toichi Kinoshita and Toyou Tsubakimoto. Since graduating from university, she has studied Ueda-school Shakuhachi under Senzan Tani and Yasunori Tani.
Regardless of the style, she plays her instrument, from traditional Japanese to Pops to Bossa nova, and so on. She currently has a wide variety of performance activities in collaboration with Japanese, Western and Chinese instruments, especially in the Kansai area.